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Seducing the Songbird

Christmas time is a busy one for the people at Four Calling Birds Singing Telegram Service.  Seems everyone wants to send a message to someone they care about to celebrate the season.  Singer, Lee Ann Grayson loves the holiday, even though it means more work for her.  When she is hired to sing Santa Baby to some big executive on Wall Street, she goes all out.

            When Devon Dorchester’s important business meeting is interrupted by a diminutive Marylyn Monroe with a singing telegram, he figures he’s seen everything.  But his world is turned upside down when he discovers that the woman underneath all the makeup and hair is the same woman he had a one night fling with back in college.  Since she’d left his bed before he got her name, he’d never been able to find her again.

            Sparks fly when the singing telegram turns into something more intimate and embarrassed, Lee Ann runs from him again.  But this time, Devon has a clue to who she is and he will do whatever it takes to make sure that his sweet calling bird flies back so she can sing her song to him…alone!



 A witty romantic story.~~~Fallen Angel Reviews

A steamy, emotion-laced tale that touches the reader.~~~Ck2s Kwips and Kritiques

Endearing characters and plots which cause one to feel every aspect of the story.~~~Ecataromance  




“Mr. Dorchester?  Someone to see you.”

Devon blinked.  “Here?  Now?”

The woman grinned.  “Yes sir.”  She stepped into the room and motioned with her hand.  “You can come in now.”

The door flew open and in stepped a dream…a legend.  She stopped just in the doorway and posed.  Her white skirts flew up around her and she giggled as she tried smoothing them down.  Her lips pouted seductively as she looked around the table.

“I hear you’re looking for a sexy blonde to play with Mr. Dorchester.  I’m a sexy blonde.  Will I do?”

  Devon shook his head in shock at the paraphrased quote from one of his favorite stars.  His mouth opened and closed.  “Err…”

Alfred stood and bowed.  “The gentleman at the end is Dorchester, Miss Monroe.”

She gave a little wriggle and all the men in the room held their breath as her breasts bounced.  “Then, Mr. Dorchester…I have a gift for you.”  She held her hand out imperiously to the man who stood closest to her, asking without words for his assistance.  Standing, he helped her to the top of the conference table.

Devon’s eyes widened when she sashayed toward him.  He cursed to himself as he felt his body react to the utter sexiness of her.  She was an image…an actress, for God’s sake.  He shouldn’t be feeling this way.

“Mr. Dorchester,” she murmured in that familiar breathy voice.  “I have something very special for you.  From everyone here…to you.  Merry Christmas.”  She put one hand on her hip and licked her lips. 

Santa Baby…

He blinked as she rolled into the song about sable and light blue convertibles.  Her smile flashed and her eyes sparkled with all the seductive power of the original.  Again, he found himself aroused at the sight of her.  He watched as she shimmied and danced up and down the table, singing about yachts and platinum mines.  He grinned along with the others when she bent down and flicked a long finger underneath Alfred’s chubby chins.

But his mouth dried up when she dropped to her knees and started to crawl toward him.  When she segued into the line about decorations from Tiffany’s, he could hardly breathe.  She was no more than a few feet from him now, and he could see all the sweet lines of her body.  When she rolled over on her back and stretched her arms over her head so her generous breasts arched upwards, he groaned along with all the men.

Damn, she was good.  His whole body was tied up in knots and all she’d done was sing to him.  When she rolled back onto her hands and knees and eased her way down the table to him, his cock started to throb.  Playfully, the singer wiggled her fingers at him, asking for a ring in her stocking.  Her sexy smile made him long to give her anything she asked for.  Then, she shook the white blonde mane of hair back and he looked at her face for the first time.

And time stood still.


***end of excerpt***




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