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A Pearfect Christmas

Blake Partridge has worked long and hard to make Partridge Pear Orchards and Gift Shoppe one of the best in the Oregon Rogue River Valley.  Driven, serious and a true workaholic, Blake doesn’t have time to actually celebrate Christmas.  He’s too busy making sure his fruit baskets and other presents are beautifully packaged and ready for shipping.

            But that all changes when Jodi Bradford is hired on as Christmas help at the gift shoppe.  Blake was her first true love and even after three years apart, she still desires and wants him.  When she sees how he’s changed from the fun loving boy she adored, to a taciturn, moody Grinch, she vows to be the one to change all that.

            But can Jodi’s love break through Blake’s defenses?  Can she make him see that Christmas is about more than gift baskets and spread sheets?  Will she help him understand being the only partridge in a pear tree…is a very lonely way to spend the holiday?



 A story that kept me captive.~~~Fallen Angel Reviews

A Pearfect Christmas is an emotional and heart warming story spiced up with just the right touch of heat to make it “pearfect”!~~~Ck2s Kwips and Kritiques

Delightfully enchanting on every page, “A Pearfect Christmas” sparkles with humorous scenes intertwined with touchingly poignant moments.~~~Ecataromance Sensual  




Blake hunched his shoulders against the cold as he started his afternoon walk through the fields.  It was only a few days until the holiday, but there was still so much to do.  Orders to be filled, Christmas bonuses to write, and just this afternoon his grandmother told him she’d taken on extra help for the gift shoppe.  He scowled at the thought.  He usually did the hiring, and he wondered which of her gray-haired friends the good-hearted woman had employed.  Blake only hoped they weren’t too old to lift the gift baskets.  If they were, they might hurt themselves and his insurance would go through the roof.  He’d have to put his foot down and…

He stopped dead in his tracks.  What the hell was that?  His eyebrows shot up in astonishment, then came together in a fierce frown.


He strode towards the sound, wondering why someone would be laughing in his pear orchard.  There were no more pears to pick; it was too late in the year.  Only the gleaners came now, those that searched for the last, overripe fruits.  But the gleaners just did their job and went home.

The sound was closer now and for some reason, the giggling sounded vaguely familiar.  A prickling sensation started at the base of his neck. As he came around the end of a row, he saw a group of men standing around the base of a tree.  They all wore big goofy smiles and were chuckling as they stared up into the branches. 

“Ready for this one?  What is Father Christmas called when he takes a rest while delivering presents?”  There was a smothered snicker.  “Give up?  Santa Pause!”

Full rich laughter filled the small glade and that prickling feeling turned to shock in less than a heartbeat. With a muttered exclamation, Blake strode to the bottom of the tree.  The men saw him, scattering like pigeons surprised by an angry cat, but the laughing still went on.

Not able to believe it was true…more surprised than he’d been in a very long time, he looked up into the tree.  It was her.  The only woman he’d sworn to forget. 

The one woman he would always remember.


***end of excerpt***




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