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Leaping Into Love

Picky, picky, picky.  That’s what everyone says about Crown Princess Kaylena.  Her father has waited eight years for her to choose a suitor.  Finally, she is given a choice.  Choose your husband by Christmas Morning or her father will do it for her.  Positive he doesn’t mean it, Kaylena ignores the ultimatum.  But on Christmas Eve, she is horrified to learn the king has chosen his financial advisor, Lord Heppicote as her future mate.

            She begs him to reconsider, and because he loves his daughter, he gives her one more chance.  A Christmas celebration is going on in the ballroom, and ten Lords from around the kingdom are there.  The princess may meet each of the Lords and get to know them.  And when the first finger of dawn touches the sky, she must choose a husband from among them or marry Lord Heppicote.

            But the king has another surprise for the self-absorbed princess.  The ten Lords are not what she expected, but something strange and magically different.  Will the princess learn a much needed lesson in love?  And more importantly, can Kaylena look past the outer shells and find her true Prince Charming before time leaps away?



 A magical tale about finding love where you least expect it.~~~Fallen Angel Reviews

CJ England is a master at making the impossible seem possible.~~~Ck2s Kwips and Kritiques

Magically enchanting all through the story, “Leaping into Love” is mesmerizing.  An unforgettable holiday tale set during the Christmas season.~~~Ecataromance Sensual  




“I love you, daughter, and I do want your happiness.  I gave you the month, hoping you world find a man to marry, but if you didn’t, I knew the time for choice was at an end.  You are too picky.”

The princess’ mouth tightened at the remark, but she stayed silent.

“I chose a man I thought would be a good husband to you, as well as a good king when I am gone.  But, if you have problems with my choice, I do have an alternative.” 

Her dove gray eyes widened in relief.  “You do?”

He held up his hand.  “Not so fast.” His steely gaze pinned her.  “I still expect a wedding in the morning.”

Kaylena stared at him.  “But who, if not Lord Heppicote?”

“In the hopes, you would ask for a second chance, I arranged for something special at the Christmas Eve ball.”  He gestured at the door where the faint sounds of music could already be heard.  “Below, in the ballroom, I have gathered ten Lords you once rejected as your suitors.  They have been brought here tonight for the express purpose of you choosing one of them as your husband.”

She gasped aloud.  “No, Father.  I’ve already met these men.  None were right for me.”

Her father’s eyes narrowed.  “Were they any less right than Lord Heppicote?”

Kaylena’s heart sank.  “No…but I won’t be happy with any of them.”

“My dear, if you keep picking each man apart, finding the smallest reason to turn him away, you will never find a suitor to please you.  We are all human, daughter.  No one is perfect.”

“But somewhere—”

“Kaylena,” he said in such a firm tone, she was silenced.  “I believe one of these men can make you happy.  They can be someone you love.  Your ridiculous ideas of perfection will be set aside and you must choose a husband.  Come to me with the lord’s name, by tomorrow’s dawn, or marry Heppicote instead.  This…is my command.”

* * *

Kaylena stood before the ornate door that led into the ballroom.  Her future lay on the other side and she had never been more frightened in her life.  How could she choose any of these men?  None of them fit her ideal for a mate.  It was all so unfair!

She chewed her lip thinking for her father’s parting remark.  It was as confusing to her as the rest of the night had been.

“Daughter,” he’d said deliberately.  “Learn to look beneath the surface.  Love has an enchantment all its own.  Look past the Lord’s outer shells, to the true man within.  Once downstairs, things aren’t what they seem.  Don’t be afraid.  There is magic here tonight…just for you.  Use it.”

“I don’t understand,” she whispered now as she touched the golden door.  “I am no magician.  How can I do magic?”

“Are you ready to go in, Princess Kaylena?”  The doorman stood at attention as he reached for the curved knob.

She really had no choice.  “I suppose I am.”  Taking a deep breath, she stepped through the open door and into another world.


***end of excerpt***




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