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“Wouldn’t put out, huh?”

Mandy blushed and sniffed derisively.  “I should have known then, he wasn’t for me.  I didn’t want him to touch me like that.”  She glanced over at Sawyer from under her eyelashes.  “I feel more for you in two days, than I felt for him in six months.”

He took the wine from her hand and put both glasses on the table.  Shaking his head, he touched her cheek.  “So damn honest.  You really don’t do this sort of thing…do you?”

“No…I really don’t.”

“Then, let me tell you just how glad I am you decided to change your mind.”  Bending, he kissed her gently.  “Now, shall we christen your hot tub?”

She blushed again, thinking of the daydreams she’d had about this man…in that tub.  “Please.”

Taking her by the hand, he opened the back door.  The night was cold and clear, a rarity in southwestern Oregon.  “Let’s get you into the tub before you freeze.”  Sawyer set down a silver packet on the tub rim, and then turned to Mandy.  She was watching him with a look that got his heart pounding.  “It’s okay, honey.  We’ll take it nice and slow.” 

His eyes didn’t leave hers as he undid her robe and slipped it from her shoulders.  The moonlight framed her slender form, and Sawyer was entranced by the high breasts and slim thighs.  He reached out and traced a path from her breasts to her narrow waist, then down to the curly hair in the apex of her thighs.  Feeling her shudder, he couldn’t help but run his finger in between her soft folds, to touch the wetness there.

When she shuddered again, Sawyer cursed himself.  She was probably freezing, and here he was standing her out in the cold, and feeling her up.  Jesus.  “Come on.”  He helped her into the tub, grinning at her sigh of contentment.

Snuggling down in the warm water, she smiled up at him.  “What about you?”  Reaching out, she flicked open a couple of buttons on his shirt.  “Or do you need help?”

Groaning, Sawyer pulled off his clothes.  When the cool air hit his heated body, he was surprised steam didn’t rise, he was that hot for her.  Keeping his eyes on hers, he slowly undid his jeans, and then toeing off his shoes, he pulled everything off at once. He stood there in the moonlight, allowing her to get as good a look at him, as he’d done to her.

Mandy wanted to pat her heart again.  He was—without question—one hundred percent prime, flat out gorgeous.  She’d known he’d be ripped, she’d seen and felt his muscles through his shirt, but... Oh.  My.  God.  He sported a beautiful six-pack, and she had the sudden urge to run her tongue down the center of it to his belly button, and then back up again.  When she looked further down, her mouth went dry.  His cock stood tall and proud.  It was a good seven inches long, and thick, with a large mushroom shaped head.  He was already oozing pre come and her mouth watered.  Licking her lips, she just looked at him.

She had a fleeting notion of seeing him, just like that, with just his tool belt on.  This hammer was bigger than the one he’d been working with earlier.  Without thinking, she reached out and gently touched the head of his cock, taking the drop of liquid and bringing it to her lips.

“Ummm,” she murmured as the salty taste exploded on her tongue.  You taste so good.”  She traced her finger over the throbbing head again, and then sucked on her digit, giving him a sultry look from under her lashes.  “Good enough to eat.”

Sawyer growled.  God, the woman was sexy.  Did she know what it did to a man to be looked at that way?  Like she wanted to have him for dinner?  And then when she touched him…  Jesus, his cock had jumped so hard, his stomach would have bruises later.  Fire ignited in his belly and he wasted no more time, but slid into the hot tub next to her.

“Damn it,” he growled in her ear as he pulled her close.  “You make me feel like I’m eighteen and I’m gonna do the head cheerleader under the bleachers after homecoming.  I almost came right then and there.”


***end of excerpt***






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