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Best Erotic Romance and Best Contemporary Romance

Hot Tubs and Hot Hunks

MOBI ISBN: 9781943853182 / EPUB  ISBN: 9781943853199

Available From Restless Wind Publications



We all know that shopping can taking the sting out of a bad breakup.  But can buying a hot tub and then accepting a different kind of service from the hot hunk who comes to install it make a girl’s Valentine wish come true?

Once Mandy and Sawyer meet, one touch causes spontaneous combustion, and Sawyer immediately sets his sights on more than just a hot tub install.  As a romance writer, Mandy knows how to write about love, but when she’s confronted by a man who makes her knees go weak, she’s ready to run the other way.

When a mischievous ferret, an ex-boyfriend, and a forgetful father are added into the mix, their lives become even more complicated.  But fate has a way of winning out, and even two commitment shy people can take a chance on a hot and unexpected love.




Hot Tubs and Hot Hunks is a sensuous treat that is sure to send your heart rate soaring.  Unforgettable and fulfilling.  A Recommended Read.~~~Fallen Angels Reviews

In this story which sizzles with passion on almost every page, CJ England stirs the imagination of readers with all the vividly described scenes of wishful fantasies and fiery realities.  A 2006 Sensual Reviewers Choice Award Nominee.~~~Ecataromance Sensual

A very sexy, delicious story that should delight all fans of erotica.  Incredibly hot and steamy, yet heart-warming and gut-wrenching.  Sizzling.~~~CK2S Kwips and Kritiques 

Author CJ England knows how to capture a reader's attention. I found the first few pages hilarious, and couldn't wait to dive into the book.  I'd recommend it to someone looking for a fun, hot romance.~~~Enchanted Ramblings

CJ England knows how to create chemistry.~~~May Reviews


Excerpt from Hot Tubs and Hot Hunks







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