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Devin has longed to explore the galaxy and see new worlds, but an obscure genetic defect makes it impossible for him to breathe the air of other worlds.  He is relegated to flying surveying runs, mapping those worlds he can never set foot on.  He never expects to crash land on a planet and discover a whole new race.

Kobrai is the leader of the Maji people, a group of shapeshifters who can change into snakes.  He is curious about the possibility of worlds beyond the stars, and when an unconscious alien is brought to him, he is excited to discover his beliefs have foundation.

As Kobrai nurses the injured Devin back to health, they discover a desire that can't be denied.  Both their worlds allow men to come together in passion, but falling for a different species is another thing all together.   Can they push through the fear, doubt and distrust of both their races to themselves to find a love that is true? 




            "What are you, anyway?”

            “We are called Maji.  This planet is called Majiea.  We are shapeshifters that can change between this form and that of a snake.  When Boac attacked you in the forest, he acted foolishly.  When he brought you here, I took you from him, to protect and heal you.”  He cocked his head.  “Will you tell me what you are?”

            “I’m human.  I come from a dead planet called Earth.  Few live on it any more.  I work in a starship that discovers new worlds.”

            “An explorer?  You must tell me about it.  You do not have my kind on your planet?”

            “No…I’ve never seen anything like you.”  Devin’s cheeks ruddied.  “I can’t believe we…”  His voice trailed off in embarrassment.

            Kobrai stepped closer and took his hot cheek in his hand.  He loved the warmth of the alien.  He wasn’t about to lose him now, due to fear.  “I am the same male who held you last night.  Who touched you this morning.  Your society allows men to pleasure men, or you would not have reacted as you did.”

            “That…that’s not the problem.  It’s just…you’re a snake!”

            “And you are a…human.  So?”

            Devin rubbed his eyes.  “This is crazy!”

            “You wish me to find another place for you to stay…away from me?”  The words were even, but Devin could see anger war with hurt in the black liquid eyes. 

            “No!” he answered instantly, his heart realizing the answer before his mind did.  “You’re right.”  He sighed.  “It shouldn’t matter, but it might take a little getting used to.”

            Relief filled Kobrai’s dark face.  “If it was not for your injury, I would show you how easy it is to get used to me.”

            Warmth started at Devin’s toes and worked its way through his body.  He licked his lips, unconsciously seductive.  “Really?  How?”

            The King carefully pulled him closer, so he could feel his burgeoning arousal.  “I will show you how my people give pleasure.  And you will see I enjoy exploring too.”  He bent and touched his lips to Devin’s.  “Like this kisssss, for example.”

            Devin’s knees went rubbery.  “You mean…kiss?”

            “Just so.”  Kobrai pressed his mouth against his, a little harder.  “This, my people do not do, but I would enjoy learning more.”

            He may not have done it before, but he was already damn good at it, Devin thought as Kobrai’s tongue did an erotic foray into his mouth.  He didn’t protest when the bigger man swung him carefully up into his arms and carried him back over to the sleeping area.

            “We were interrupted earlier when things were beginning to be interesting again,” Kobrai hissed softly as he settled him in the soft nest.  He ran a hand down to where Devin’s hard cock tented out his loincloth.  “I would like to see what other pleasures we can share..."


***end of excerpt***



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