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~ CJ England Author Interview ~



This month we have a sit down with the multi-published author CJ England.

CJ England had her first e-book published in February 2006 with Silks Vault, Hot Tubs and Hot Hunks. Since then she has had 7 more books published with several more still to come. 

CJ has been married for 20 years to the same wonderful man, she gives her husband all the credit for her writing. "Not only is he a great inspiration for erotic romance, he gives me the ability to concentrate on my writing just by supporting my dream."

In her life, CJ considers herself a "Jill of all Trades". She has modeled, competed in rodeo as a barrel racer and trick rider, taught preschool, performed as an actress and singer, served cocktails at Disneyworld, specialized in production work, and got carried away by Spiderman when she worked with him at Universal Studios.

But her best gig ever, has been being a wife and a stay at home mom. She has home educated her three kids. Her oldest, Jessaca, is a certified massage therapist. Jeramiah, her oldest son is a musician and a songwriter, and her youngest son, Jasiah, who is still in high school, plans to go into production work as a Lighting Design Specialist.

A natural empath, CJ uses her gift to try and make sense of her everyday world, and keep track of four ferrets, a turtle and a pigeon, as well as her family who is as "unique" and "different" as she is. It is a never ending, and always interesting way to spend her days, and she wouldn't change a second of it.

Welcome CJ, we are delighted to have you here.

Thank you so much, Zoë. I’m happy to be here with you. I love to talk about my work.

You have had a busy year. How many books have you published so far?

My first was published in February of 2006… Hot Tubs and Hot Hunks. After that I had, Here Comes Peter in March, The Mylari Chronicles: The Soulmates in April, then I had a summer break before Don’t Spank the Vamp was published in September. That was followed by Luck is a Lady in October, Blindsided in the Masquerade II Anthology in November, and then in December, Frosty…The Real Man and An Unholy Embrace which is part of the Bad Boys Anthology and my first PRINT BOOK.

So from my first release to the end of December, I have published eight books in several different genres.

Frosty…The Real Man has changed the way I look at snowmen. Can you look at a snowman without blushing?

<grin> When one of my readers, Cassidy, came up with the idea, I immediately started dreaming. I loved the idea of an anatomically correct snowman, but how to make it into a story that would make everyone want to read about a snowman?

That’s when I came up with the idea of a Christmas Spirit coming to inhabit the snowman. I added in a little holiday magic, true love, sexy romance and came up with a story that will warm even the most frozen of hearts. I fell in love with Givre and his story! It was the #1 Bestseller at Forbidden Publications, so apparently, quite a few readers did too!

Congratulations on your first print book. That must be exciting. Tell us about it.

I am so jazzed about it! When the UPS guy showed up, I kissed him! <LOL> Hope he doesn’t have trouble explaining away the lipstick on his collar. <grin>

Bad Boys…An Unholy Embrace with Under the Moon Publishing. To hold your own book in your hand is so special. To see your name on the cover! WOW!!!! Jonathon asked me what I was going to do now, and I just blinked at him before saying I was just gonna hug it for a while! <giggle> The first day I just held it in my lap and walked around with it grinning like a fool.

Then I got down to business. I had several pre-sold, so I had to get those in the mail. The guy I take my mail to is a good friend now. I showed the book to him, because he helped me send the submission out the first time and then I kissed him too!

I’m already hearing back from readers who loved the story and the anthology! They are even hollering for a sequel. <smile>
All my e-books are special. But I love real books, and to know I have one in print is the most invigorating and awesome feeling I have had in a long time. Right up there with falling in love!

Where can we order it?

To order Bad Boys with my story An Unholy Embrace in it, go to my Website and click on the artwork…
It will take you to the order information. If you purchase it through me, I offer an autographed copy at the same price as the webshop cost.

Tell us about your latest releases?

Well, we’ve talked about Frosty…The Real Man, and An Unholy Embrace. So not being sure of when this interview will come out, let’s talk about the books I have coming out during the first three months of 2007.

Due to be released from Forbidden Publications on January 29th, 2007 with their special Valentine’s Day Forbidden Series…is the first in my Heavenly Host Series. Angel Eyes and Demon Lies. I did the artwork for the cover and am very proud of it.

Here is a short blurb about the book…

Anael spends her days bringing romance and passion to those mortals in her care. But love is an emotion that she herself has never experienced. That all changes when she meets Orias, whose existence and beliefs are in direct contrast to her own.

Orias has one purpose in life...to use his gift of prophecy and divination to further his master's foul schemes. But when he discovers a forbidden passion with Anael, his priorities are suddenly challenged.

What will happen when their desire is brought to the light? Will they lose all they have together? Or will their love and need for each other make a Valentine's Day miracle come true?

This was a story I was asked to write specially for Forbidden and I am very excited about it. I wasn’t planning another series. It just turned out that way. <LOL>

The next book will be out February 21st, from Under the Moon Publications and is my second PRINT BOOK. The artwork is in the process of being done by the same wonderful artist that did An Unholy Embrace for me…Veronica V. Jones. I requested her specially, because she nailed so perfectly what I wanted for my last book, and I knew she was perfect for this one as well.

Here is the blurb for my first werewolf book…In the Wicked Women Anthology…The Beast Huntress.

Out to avenge her family's deaths, Amarie Badeau has vowed to destroy the beasts that killed them. She becomes the Huntress, tracking the monsters by day and stalking them by night.


Kolt Masatache is the leader of his people, a group who are hereditary shapeshifters. He watches Amarie and when she steps over the line, he knows he has to stop her.

Will Kolt be able to convince Amarie she is wrong? And will Amarie learn to trust the very beast who has destroyed her life?
Their worlds collide in a flurry of anger and passion and on a dark moonlit night they both will discover that to hold onto a forever kind of love you have to first…let it go.

It is the first in a series that will take place in the Northwest and is a tribute to my Native American roots. Check my website for ordering details on this as well.


On March 3rd, I have the sequel to the bestselling and very popular Don’t Spank the Vamp coming out from Mardi Gras Publishing. It will be the second book in the ‘Don’t’ Series, and is called… Don’t Tempt the Phoenix. While the first one was hot, this one is even hotter. My proof reader kept having to take breaks to jump her husband. <LOL> You will never look at a carnival the same way! I also did this cover…and of course I had to stay with the signature ‘bare butt’ theme. <giggle>

Here is a blurb from this highly anticipated book…

Off to find her own twin flame, Aithne joins a traveling carnival to see the country. Unbeknownst to her, the carnival hides a secret and when she finally meets the owner, she finds that he is as handsome as he is secretive.

Milcham has searched for eight centuries for the one female to share his unique existence. In Aithne he finds a woman who tempts him into opening his heart and soul.

Together, they explore each other's fantasies, having fun as they explore the Carnival too. But before they can share their true feelings with each other, evil attacks and the reality of their pasts comes out.
Will Aithne and Milcham's love survive the truth? Or will an ancient enemy destroy all they have spent their lives searching for?

There will be at least four books in this series. The next one will come out in August and will be about Aithne’s friend Jarrod, a rogue werewolf. Look for it!

With 2006 being good for you what do you want to accomplish in the next year?

First, I think I'd like to start with bringing more balance into my life. I want my personal life as well as my professional life to be managed so my family always comes first.

I want my husband Jonathon to always know he's number one in my life and I
want to be there for my kids as long as they need me.

I also want to continue giving my readers quality stories that make them laugh, weep and ask for a fire extinguisher. 2006 was an awesome year for me, with eight releases, and seventeen acceptances. 2007 promises to be another busy year, since I have a release a month throughout the entire year, plus several more not scheduled yet.

I hope to continue to improve myself and my writing and have my work be seen
as a positive force for the e-book and print publishing community.

I also want to continue bringing new authors and readers together. To make my chat loop one where everyone can come, get to know one another and encourage each other to use their imagination and live their lives to the fullest! We have a wonderful group of people whom I have learned to love dearly in the last year. Plus, we get great people joining every day. Come see for yourself why it is such a great place.

On your web site you credit your husband for not only inspiring the erotic scenes (Please thank him for us readers.) but also for the support and understanding he shows towards your career. In what ways has he shown this?

Jonathon has been there for me in so many ways. He, as you noted, doesn’t mind being a guinea pig now and then. <grin> But he also is my first proof reader, and idea-bouncer-offer. Add to that he doesn’t mind when the house goes to pot because I’m off in a dream somewhere, and he COOKS when I forget to! Well…I gotta tell you…I’ve got the perfect man!

He only complains about the eighteen boxes of books I insist on carting around with us when we move. <smile> He really likes e-books!

Seriously, he says I’m his retirement fund and isn’t embarrassed to tell his buddies what I do. He is proud of me and that is worth millions! He keeps the kids away when I’m on deadline, brings me food when I don’t eat and just finished building me my own writing room, complete with bookcases all around.

Whether I become another Nora Roberts or not, the gleam in his eyes when he tells me how much he loves me, makes everything I do that much sweeter. He is my lover, my best friend and my KISA (knight in shining armor). I wouldn’t give him up for anything!

With your love of travel this may be a hard question. If you had to pick one place on earth to spend the rest of your life, Where would that be?

OMG…you did ask a hard one! I suppose I could cheat and say that one place I want to spend the rest of my life would be in Jonathon’s arms, but you probably won’t let me get away with that…huh?

Thought so… hmmm…honestly, we plan on spending our lives doing what we do now. Traveling where we want, putting down shallow roots and then moving on when we are done. If we ever get to the point of having to stay in one place, I guess it would be a toss up between a secluded beach and a secluded mountain cabin.
I love the ocean, but I equally love the mountains. Someday I hope to find a place that has both, and when I do, I will be there…in a hammock sipping a fuzzy drink, while the wild animals howl in the background!

What have been your favorite places to visit? Have you been surprised about how much you liked or disliked it?

Another tough one. I’ve been to so many different areas of the world that I absolutely loved. I can give you a few of my top picks…

The Florida Keys… Love it, love it, love it. From Key Largo all the way to Key West, it’s a great place to visit. I’m a divemaster, and I adore diving in Key Largo. Shallow, so you can stay down forever and filled with some of the most beautiful reefs I’ve seen anywhere. Then head down to Key West. If you are artsy in any way, this is such a cool place to visit. Jonathon and I have tickets to their Fantasy Fest, which is like Mardi Gras for them.

Queensland Australia… Some of the most beautiful beaches, jungles and people in the world. Jonathon and I went on our second honeymoon there and didn’t want to come back. The Reef is the best in the world, and we loved the rainforest. Would adore heading back there to live again.

Yellowstone National Park… It has some of the most beautiful mountains I have seen. Copious amounts of animals, with untouched scenery, makes this a mountain lover’s dream. We want to work in the park when we are old and grey.

San Francisco…My favorite city in the states. Love the atmosphere. The dock, the pier, the park…everything about it. And Ghirardelli’s is based there. Chocolate…hello??? Need I say more????
Italy… I traveled there when I was just out of high school with a musical group. Saw every bar in the country, I swear. But loved the area. Florence, Venice, Rome. So mysterious and beautiful. Great shopping and wonderful food. And the Italian ices???? Well…you think you’ve died and gone to heaven.

There are many other places I enjoyed visiting, but I’m already long winded. <LOL> Maybe I should do a blog about them. Hmmm… <scribbles a note to herself>

What are your favorite movies?

I love the classics. My Nana was an old movie nut. She and I would sit for hours when I was growing up, playing poker and watching old movies. My favorites are musicals. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, White Christmas and Meet me in Saint Louis.

I also grew up on a steady diet of Saturday afternoon monster movies, so I love anything that goes bump in the night. From the old classics like Dracula and The Wolfman, to the new movies like The Grudge and The Shining. I still watch scary movies on Saturday night on Sci Fi! <LOL>

I’m pretty eclectic since I love Monty Python and the Holy Grail, (Grail, Grail, Grail…umph), Blazing Saddles, Pretty Women and Animal House.

But if I had to choose recent movies, I loved The Ring Trilogy, Star Wars, Indiana Jones and ANY Crusade, and Chronicles of Narnia.
I love movies.

Do you use celebrities to base your characters on? If so who are your favorites?

Well…I started writing my Peacekeeper Series, due out April 2007 from Whiskey Creek Torrid Special Editions, right around the time of the Lord of the Rings. I fell in lust with Orlando Bloom in his elf get up. So that character became the inspiration for Danolas, who is the High Priest Witch in the Series.

Sawyer, my hottie in my first book, Hot Tubs and Hot Hunks, was modeled after Josh Holloway. Even swiped the name because one without the other, was so wrong. <LOL>

Oh…and Jordon and Keeton of my Second Chances series, coming November 2007 from Whiskey Creek Torrid Special Editions, are modeled after Joe Don Rooney and Keith Urban. Can you say… I’m a country gal! Yeah!

Most of my character’s start in my head and I go find someone to make them flesh. It’s easier that way.

What was it like when you first realized you had fans of your writing that were not related to you?

That was at RT 2006. Someone heard my name and screamed. I screamed too! <LOL> It was someone who’d read my books and loved them. She got a picture taken and then asked for my autograph. I floated for three days.

I have great fans on my list who’ve become friends. They tell me all the time how wonderful I am, and I soak it up. <giggle> And I absolutely adore it when I get a fan letter from someone I don’t know at all. It feels even more real then!

My fan’s support this first year has been awesome. They are the reason I continue writing what I do. In fact, several of my books come from ideas from my readers, and they get the book dedicated to them when it’s published. Honestly, it is the fans that make this so much fun.

Your website seems to be designed to please your readers. What would you like them to know about you?

It is designed for them and it’s going through a huge revamping in February just so I can make it even better. I have spent the last two months gathering info as to what they liked and disliked.

When I built it in February of 2006, I didn’t even know what html code was. I studied, practiced and finally came up with something I loved. Some don’t think it’s very erotic, but that’s okay. I consider my stuff more sensual romance than erotica. <smile> As long as the majority of my readers enjoy my site, then it will stay pretty much the way it is.

As for what I want them to know… I am first and foremost a wife and mom. Then a writer. I also do graphic art and have sold several book covers and banners to other authors. For more info go to Cover Art

I just started doing custom written sensual stories for fans and other clients and the response has been fantastic. As I write this, I have four stories I have to do, so it’s going well. Having a story written just for you, is a lot of fun and helps me connect with my readers in a brand new way. Custom Erotic Romance

If you want to know me better, check me out here…

Author's Den
Road to Romance 
My Space Website
CJ says Follow Your Dreams Yahoo Chat Group
Live Journal Blog
CJs Dreamtime Newsletter
I Read CJ England Reader's Group

As I’ve said, I’ve got a great chat loop that I want to invite all of you to. Readers are welcome to come and ask questions, make friends and tell me what you think. Authors and Artists are welcome to come and promote to their heart’s content. I have a pretty open list and we all love the company!

I also have a quarterly newsletter you can join for updates and such. If you are already a member of the chat loop, you don’t need to join the newsletter. You receive one automatically.

I also have a brand new group... just for those who have read my books. It is called I Read CJ England. Those of you who have read, reviewed or won one of my stories, are welcome to join.

What do you think influenced you as a writer the most?

Many things…first my Mom, who is also a writer. She told me I could do anything if I wanted it bad enough. She put the spark into me when I was just a kid and it never went out. I may have gotten a late start in publishing, but I’ve been writing my whole life.

Then, my people. My heritage is so important to me. I follow my God and my totem in all that I do. My life and profession come from a prophecy I was given. Follow your Dreams…isn’t just a tag line for me…it’s a way of life.

My first Librarian… who introduced me to a whole other world outside my small town. I got my first library card and never looked back!

And since we’ve talked already about Jonathon as an inspiration, I’ll just mention the writers who made me want to pick up the pen. Nora Roberts, first and foremost, Dame Agatha Christie, Linda Howard, Jayne Ann Krentz and Elizabeth Lowell. Each of these fine authors influenced the way I write. I only hope that my work will please my readers the way theirs continue to do.

What music do you listen to?

Another Eclectic topic here! On my computer I have jazz, soft rock, classic rock, country, easy listening and nature sounds. I listen to whatever I’m in the mood for, but Country is my favorite. Born and raised in the country and God willing, I’ll go toes up there too! <grin>

Unlike a lot of authors, I rarely use music when I’m creating. I think it’s because I used to perform myself, and I can’t…not sing. I usually use soft jazz or nature sounds if I have anything on at all.
Being in production work exposed me to a lot of different genres of music. I learned to enjoy them all…and tolerate opera. <sigh> Go ahead…call me a heathen.

When you’re not writing how do you like to spend your time.

Reading. When I have time, you will find me in a book. First and foremost, that. Then it’s anything to do outside. Walk, lay in the sun, swim, go walkabout.

I love working with animals and have been a shelter MOM my whole life. I’m the one in the neighborhood where all the sick critters are taken. I used to work in shelters, but my heart couldn’t take it. I wanted to bring them all home. So I started fostering instead. That way I only kept a few. <grin>

Lastly…travel. Anywhere, any time. Jonathon came home the other day and he’d been asked if he was interested in going to Singapore for a year with his job. He knew he didn’t even have to ask me. He told the guy… yes. So who knows, if God wants us in Singapore, I might be there next year.

We love to see and experience new things. But we hated going there for a week or weekend, because you could never see everything. So we decided to find a place we wanted to explore and move there. We’ve been doing that for fifteen years now and have lived all over the world. Absolutely love it!

If you had to give up one of the following what would it be? Good music, good food or good sex?

<LOL> That’s easy… Good music soothes the soul and good sex invigorates it. Can’t do without those two. Since I have a tendency to forget food until I’m passed out on the floor, I think I could easily give up eating. <LOL> (Hmmm…have I eaten yet today???)
Seriously… While I love good food, I could eat Mac and Cheese daily if I could lay forever in Jonathon’s arms, listening to romantic music. <sigh> I must be a romance writer! <LOL>

Thank you for Chatting with us today. Good Luck on all your upcoming releases.

Thanks for having me. I wish all of you who read this, and those at Sensual Reads good luck in 2007 and remember… always…always…Follow Your Dreams.

Interview conducted by Zoë Knighton
Sensual Reads & Reviews
January 2007