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The Peacekeeper Journals

Remember all those stories that Uncle Bob, that great storyteller, used to tell around the campfire? You know, the scary ones, about supernatural creatures that just couldn’t exist. The ones that when you looked over at your father to see if they were true, he just rolled his eyes and shook his head.

Well, what if father didn’t know best this time? What if Uncle Bob was right, and those stories about vampires, shapeshifters, witches, spirits, mutants and fairies were all true.
And what if those same campfire stories were living right next to you, blending in with "normal" people, just going about their daily lives, the way you go about yours.

These stories are about some of them….

~* * * * *~

San Francisco--the city by the bay. Elegant and charming, a city created by hard work and sweat. Now, a  mecca of western civilization known for its art and culture, it hosts over sixteen million visitors a year. But for all it's allure and beauty, this incredible metropolis has a dark side.

The Lower City.

  Hidden away from the tourists snapping pictures of the Golden Gate Bride, from the commuters reading their newspapers as they take the BART to work, it's a place spoken of only in whispers.

This part of the city most of the residents aren't even aware of. Safe and secure, tucked away uptown in their cute gingerbread houses and ivory towers, people see just what they want to see.

But that is about to change.



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