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Friday, February 9, 2007

CJ England in the Interview Chair....

Dahlia: Hey CJ! Glad to have you here today? Can you start off by giving us a little background on your writing career?

CJ: I’ve been writing forever, but trying to understand the New York publishing process is extremely difficult. I could never figure out where to send a book in. I have been published in several magazines, including Country and Rodale’s, but all my books sat on my computer for the simple reason, New York was too daunting.
I am first a full time wife and mom and I home educated my three kids. Plus we had a big farm that took up a lot of time. Writing had to take a back seat to the more important things in life. Husband and family.
When we lived in Idaho, we were in the middle of a blizzard and I had fallen asleep in front of the fire. I dreamed up a story about a woman who had been sent to ‘join’ with supernatural leaders in order to prevent a horrible war. When I woke up, I immediately started writing it and it became my first full length novel…The Peacekeeper Journals: The Joining. But then life got in the way again, and the book went to the back burner.
When the kids got older, I started writing again and I knew I wanted to share my stories. I discovered e-publishing and the submission guidelines were so much easier to understand I decided to give it a shot. I submitted my first book, another full length novel called The Mylari Chronicles: The Soulmates and it was accepted immediately! That was a year ago, December and I was off and running.
Since then, I’ve written over twenty stories. So far…I’ve published nine, with thirteen more under contract. And I’m just getting started.

2: Dahlia: Where do you find your inspiration for such compelling books?

CJ: In a nutshell…my dreams. I have a vivid imagination and I am fortunate to have the ability to lucid dream. I take an idea to bed with me and then dream it into a book. Since I can usually control the dream in some way, I can ‘write’ as I dream. When I awaken, I have a book ready to be put on paper.
Another thing that inspires me is life itself. All of my books have an element of
truth to them. In each of my books, there is at least one thing that really happened. Looking around, there are dozens of ideas just dying to be made into a book. Sometimes, they won’t let you sleep until you tell their story!
And finally, most importantly…my very own hottie, Jonathon. He is the reason I can do what I do and do it so well. Our love has had its ups and downs over the years, but that just adds flavor to the stories I write and adds that element of reality that I think is so important. Knowing that he loves me and supports me unquestioningly makes me the luckiest woman in the world. AND having someone to practice all those hot love scenes on is kinda cool too! Though I’m still trying to get him into a Ferris Wheel…

3: Dahlia: Tell us about the book/books you have out now and where they can be found.

CJ: Okay…here we go…

“Hot Tubs and Hot Hunks,”
Silk’s Vault Publishing, E-book
“Here Comes Peter,”
Silk’s Vault Publishing, E- Book
"The Mylari Chronicles: The Soulmates,"
Restless Wind Publications, E-Book, (Book I in the Mylari Series)
"Don't Spank the Vamp,"
Mardi Gras Publishing, E-Book, (Book I in the ‘Don’t’ Series)
"Luck is a Lady,"
Forbidden Publications, E-Book
"Blindsided: Masquerade Anthology Volume II",
Aphrodite's Apples, E-Book/Print,
“Frosty…The Real Man,”
Forbidden Publications, E-Book
“An Unholy Embrace,”
Under the Moon Publishing, Print
"Angel Eyes and Demon Lies,
Forbidden Publications, E-Book (Book I in the Heavenly Host Series)

4: Dahlia: Angel Eyes and Demon Lies has such a great storyline. Care to dish more about it or give us a little excerpt?

CJ: Thanks! This idea just came out of the blue. I was asked to write a story for the Forbidden’s Valentine’s Day Special Selections and I had very little time to do it. I literally went to take a nap and asked myself…what two lovers would be forbidden to each other? I thought about an angel falling in love with a demon and the challenges they would face and the story just flowed out of me. I wrote it in two days and loved the heat and the heart of the story.
Here is a blurb and an excerpt for this romantic sensual Valentine’s story…enjoy!

Anael spends her days bringing romance and passion to those mortals in her care. But love is an emotion that she herself has never experienced. That all changes when she meets Orias, whose existence and beliefs are in direct contrast to her own,

Orias has one purpose in life...to use his gift of prophecy and divination to further his master's foul schemes. But when he discovers a forbidden passion with Anael, his priorities are suddenly challenged.

What will happen when their desire is brought to the light? Will they lose all they have together? Or will their love and need for each other make a Valentine's Day miracle come true?


It was pitch black in the cold, lonely, frightening tunnel. The only sounds heard were the sullen drip…drip…drip of water and the noise of her footsteps as they squished into the slime covering the stone floor. Feeling her way along the rough cavern wall, she shivered when her fingers touched something small and hard that moved. It skittered away from her searching hand before she could do anything other than shudder in revulsion. She tiptoed along, trying to keep utterly quiet, knowing if she was caught, it would be her doom. The loathsome smell of decay tickled her nostrils, making her want to sneeze, but no matter how badly she wished she could head back upwards into the light, she kept going. She had no choice…not any more. What was down here was far too important to her.
She glanced around behind her, suddenly feeling as if she were being watched. Her heartbeat increased as she searched the gloom for what made her hair want to stand on end. But after a few minutes of deadly silence, she sighed shakily. This horrible place always made her imagination run wild.
Biting her lip, she continued downward. Her agitation increased as she realized she’d come much further than ever before. What was actually down here in these deep, dark chasms? She prayed she wouldn’t run into any of the actual inhabitants of the region. If that happened, than all her plans would be for naught. She eased around the corner of a large boulder. Its surface dripped with foulness and death, but she tried to ignore it. Soon, she would find what she’d come for and then all would be as it should. If she didn’t believe that, then coming to this forbidden realm would be the most foolish thing she could do.
She paused to get her bearings and shuddered again at the thought of being caught. Her fearful eyes tried to peer through the gloom as she again had the feeling of being watched. She took a step backwards and stopped short as she came up against a hard male body.
Adrenaline rushed through her as an arm snaked around her narrow waist, while a second one covered her mouth so she couldn’t scream. Oh God! She’d been discovered! What would happen to her now? Tears filled her eyes as she struggled. She knew no one would help her in this terrible place.
“You are trespassing,” a dark voice hissed in her ear. “Do you know what happens to those who enter our lands without permission?”
She grabbed at the hand pressed against her lips, but it wouldn’t budge. The one who held her was very strong, very stubborn and by the feel of his body against hers…very aroused.
“We do not see many of your kind here,” he murmured, pressing his nose against the frantically pulsing vein in her neck. “And real women are scarce in this place. I wonder…do you know what will happen, now that I’ve caught you?”
Unable to answer him, she just continued her struggle to get away. She clawed at his hands and when that didn’t do anything, she reached behind him to grab at his hair. But before she could get a handful, the man holding her released her mouth and whipped her around to face him. Pulling her against his hard body, she only had time to take one deep breath before his mouth came down on hers.
She froze instantly, feeling much like a rabbit did when pounced on by a hunting wolf. His mouth was hard and demanding, leaving nothing to the imagination. He forced her lips apart and ravaged her sweet mouth. She finally struggled when his hand smoothed its way up her body and cupped a warm breast.
He growled low in his throat and gave the soft mound a threatening squeeze. Gasping, she stilled again, knowing he was too strong for her to fight against. As if taking her stillness for surrender, he chuckled. “Very smart, angel. It wouldn’t do for you to make me angry.”
“Don’t beg,” he ordered. “You came down here, knowing what might happen to you. I’m just fulfilling that expectation.”
“Be silent!” He squeezed her breast again then ran his hand down her hip to the short tunic dress she was wearing. “Now then…what surprises do you have for me?” He eased under the garment and up her rounded rear, plucking at her skimpy panties. “Very nice. Are they lace?”
She pushed against his rock hard chest. “Don’t!”
He laughed again. “Why not?” He backed her up against the moss covered rock and held her so she couldn’t move. His hand continued its exploration, moving over her womanly hips and up her flat belly. He groaned as he touched the warm swell of her naked breast. He held her tightly as he flicked his thumb over the tip, making it pebble beneath his touch. “Very nice.”
She struggled again. “Please…don’t!”
“Your mouth says no, but this…” He squeezed a nipple between his thumb and index finger and she gasped. “This says you want me to go on.”

end of excerpt...

5: Dahlia: I know you have the first anniversary of your first year writing coming up and you are having a big online bash to celebrate. Tell us more about it an where everyone can go to participate

CJ: I have the best chat group on the internet…JMHO. I started it on Feb 11th, of 2006, the day Hot Tubs and Hot Hunks was released. At first, it was a place where my readers could come and find out information about my books and new releases. But it quickly became something very different!
I have a group of wonderful men and women who have banded together into a caring group of friends. They are loyal and loving, and they are always there for each other. We have readers, authors, artists and everyone is 100% fantastic. Authors are invited to promote to their hearts content, artists can show us all their beautiful work and my readers keep us on our toes with their questions. We share questions, cartoons, jokes, excerpts and of course my signature HOT HUNKS on a nightly basis!
My fans and friends are great to me and I love each and every one of them. Since THEY are the reason I’m where I am today, I decided to throw them a party. I wanted to celebrate a great first year and have them bring new friends to add their special flavor to our unique group.
The party will take place on February 11th, 2007 at my chat list and will go from about 8:00am EST to whenever…all day long! I invite everyone to come join us. The more the merrier. There will be over a dozen guest authors visiting and we will be giving away all kinds of books, promo items and other great prizes. There will be contests, polls and special drawings all day long.
Please come and join us at
CJ Says Follow Your Dreams Chat Group and find out why many consider us the bestest list on the NET!

6: Dahlia: Is there any genre you would want to write or currently trying your hand at?

CJ: I love to write in all genres. I don’t think of one as any harder than another. Telling stories is what I do, and I don’t usually think…Hmmm…what genre should I write this time. I seem to lean more to the paranormal or fantasy genre simply because my imagination is so vivid and…unique. I mean who else would come up with a sexy rabbit as a hero…and the Easter bunny to boot????
If I could do a genre I haven’t yet…I’d try a historical. I enjoy reading them, but I’ve never tried to write one. My readers want me to do a paranormal historical western and I’m playing with that idea. I also have a WWII book in the works that my husband Jonathon is helping me with since he enjoys reading stories about that time period.
I just finished my first M/M book and it was accepted for PRINT by Under the Moon Publishing. It is a Sci Fi/Shapeshifter mix and I was jazzed to have my first effort at writing manlove picked up by a PRINT publisher. I would like to do more in this genre and in fact this story… Kobrai: The Serpent King is the first in a series of M/M books.

7: Dahlia: If there was one place in the world you could visit where would it be and why?

CJ: Ahhhhhhh….I hate this question… As you know I am a gypsy and love to travel. In fact, Jonathon and I plan to spend the rest of our lives traveling so I can write all my stories about different places. I have stories in queue about places all over the world where I have traveled so far. But to choose only one place??? I can’t do it. I have a list. In no particular order…
Ireland…because of the magic. It calls me and I can’t wait to spend time there. I want to go walk the green hills and dance in the faerie rings.
Africa…because I love critters. I am an armchair naturalist and loved that part of teaching my kids. I want to go on a safari and see them up close. Not as your regular tourist, but as someone who can sit and just observe for hours on end. That would be perfect.
Queensland, Australia…because we went there once before and loved it. We want to go back on an anniversary trip and go diving again on the REEF. It is a magical place and I could spend hours just sitting on the bottom of the ocean and looking around. Plus the rainforest there is stunning and we were only able to explore a tiny bit of it when we lived there.
Antarctica…because I’ve never been there! LOL I could mark it off my continent list!

8: Dahlia: Everyone is gearing up for Valentines Day any special plans for you this year or a special memory of the day?

CJ: This year for Valentine’s Day, Jonathon has the day off so we are spending it together. If the weather is good, (remember we live in Florida) we are going on a motorcycle ride to the beach to have a picnic. Then, later that night, we are going to go to Ghirardelli’s Ice Cream Shoppe and have a lover’s sundae. YUM!
Then, we are going to head to our very special place, where we are going to celebrate our love for each other.

The best memory I have of Valentine’s Day is when Jonathon blindfolded me and took me to an unnamed location. When he took off the blindfold I was standing in front of a cage of baby ferrets. He said, “Happy Valentine’s Day, Ladybug! Pick two!”
Since I’d wanted ferrets for a very long time, I was so excited. Named them KoKo and YumYum after to animal characters in a book. Let me tell you…Jonathon had a GREAT Valentine’s night!!!!

9: Dahlia: Tell us about your down time CJ, what are you doing when you are not whetting our appetites with new books.

CJ: I love to dream. No matter what I’m doing, I’m dreaming. Laying in the sun, working outside, even *shudder* cooking…I love to be off in my own little world. I also enjoy reading, playing with my critters, swimming, riding my motorcycle, and vegging with my hunky husband in front of TV.
When I’m not at my desk, I love to spend time with Jonathon. We are best friends as well as lovers, so we really enjoy our time together and we look forward to when we can travel full time. We adore visiting zoos and aquariums and have seen over one hundred in the United States alone. We have a list of things we want to do before we go toes up and we’re checking them off one by one!

10: Dahlia: What are some of your favorite things in life? Foods, colors etc?

CJ: My favorite food is a good well cooked steak (medium rare) and a decadent chocolate dessert. Love brownies! And if you add chocolate ice cream to it… I’m yours!
I’m a nature gal. I love being outdoors and away from people. The wilderness or a remote beach is my favorite place on earth.
My favorite animal is the hawk, but if I believed in reincarnation, I’d want to come back as a ferret. Boy! What a life! LOL
Favorite past time? Traveling. No big surprise there. But right after would be laying in the sun and reading…hmmm…maybe I’ll come back as a cat!
Favorite color is forest green. Favorite perfume is White Shoulders. Favorite cologne is Jonathon. (You know…that great scent of your man!)
Favorite author… Nora Roberts. Favorite drink…beer. Favorite vacation spot…where ever I haven’t been yet!

11: Dahlia: I like to ask this question. (smile). CJ which book of yours would you like to see turned into a movie and who would be your characters from Hollywood’s elite?

CJ: This is a toughie. My characters, especially my heroes, are so real to me, putting an actor to them would almost ruin it. But if I had to…
For a book I have published. I think the Mylari Chronicles would be a great movie. Romance, action, betrayal…all the necessary ingredients. I could see Reece Witherspoon in the heroine, Talia’s role and for Calion…my tortured hero??? I think that role could be played by Brad Pitt.
For an upcoming book, I’d love to see The Peacekeeper Journals in a theatre. Again all the magic and mystery of love. One woman…six men… Very interesting.
Kira, the heroine could be played by Cameron Diaz. Then you have Gallegar, the Irish Vampire. Give Antonio Banderas an Irish accent and he’d be perfect. Lucas, the wolf shapeshifter could be played by Brad Pitt. Danolas, the witch was patterned after Orlando Bloom in his elf get up.
Patrick the Ethereal, was inspired by none other than Patrick Swayze in Ghost, Benjamin the Suprahuman could be played by Hugh Jackman and finally, Johnny Depp for Koran the Faerie Prince.

12: Dahlia: Can you tell everyone about your websites, where they can find out more about you and what we will be seeing from you in 2007.

CJ: My author website is Restless Wind Publications, named after my air totem. I am in the middle of revamping it in celebration of my second year as a published author. There is a lot of stuff there, so come back often. And don’t forget to check out the eye candy on the Fun Stuff page.
My Groups are…
CJ Says Follow Your Dreams for a main chat group.
I Read CJ England for my Very Important Reader Group. This group is exclusively for those who have purchased, won or reviewed my work.
CJ’s Dreamtime Newsletter is right now, a quarterly newsletter. That may change in the near future as I expand a bit.
My Space for all that fun networking.
CJ’s Living Dreams…my blog I try and update a couple times a week, more if possible!

Some real exciting news! I also just recently joined with three other authors to start a new author group. Trista Bane, Cassidy McKay, Annmarie Ortega and myself are…
…Sensual Dreams and Magical Mischief. This group celebrates the magic in all of us. Join the four Sorceresses and find out what magical mischief we are up to.
Sensual Dreams and Magical Mischief is our website. Just being built, it will feature things like contests, reviews, and interviews as well as a few fun surprises.
Chat Group will talk about what is going on in all our worlds. Please join us to have some great fun
Come check out our
Blog. We will be updating it regularly so stop by often.
And finally our
My Space. Just in the beginning process…we hope to have lots of friends add us to their lists!

In the year 2007, I hope to continue bringing quality books to my readers. I will strive for excellence in everything that I do, from my family to my professional life. I want to expand my reach so my name is known as a writer who satisfies her readers and never leaves them wanting.

I have several more books coming out. They are as follows…

"Beast Huntress," Under the Moon Publishing, Print, February 21, 2007
"Don't Tempt the Phoenix," Mardi Gras Publishing, E-Book/Print, March 3, 2007 (Book II in the 'Don't' Series)
"The Peacekeeper Journals: The Joining," Whiskey Creek Torrid, E-Book/Print, April 2007 (Book I in The Peacekeeper Series)
“ Kobrai: The Serpent King,” Under the Moon Publishing, Print, April 25, 2007
"Touch Me...Tease Me," Twilight Fantasies, E-book, May 2, 2007
"Changes in Latitude, Changes in Attitude," Whiskey Creek Torrid Teaser E-Book, June 2007 "Don't Tease the Werewolf," Mardi Gras Publishing, E-Book/Print, August 2007 (Book III in the 'Don't' Series)
"The Peacekeeper Journals: The Gates of Life," Whiskey Creek Torrid, E-Book/Print, September 2007 (Book II in The Peacekeeper Series)
"Second Chances: Waiting in the Wings," Whiskey Creek Torrid, E-Book/Print, November 2007 (Book I in the Second Chances Series) “Mind Over Matter”, New Concepts Publishing, E-Book/Print, Coming in 2007 (Book I in the Psy Rebellion Series)
"The Peacekeeper Journals: The Septre of Power," Whiskey Creek Torrid, E-Book/Print, January 2008 (Book III in The Peacekeeper Series)

I also have about six more in submissions at the moment, so the list is always expanding. And that doesn’t even include those WIP I have.

13: Dahlia: If you could have one hot guy for a day to do your bidding who would it be and what will they be doing?

CJ: Hmmm…I think I will answer this two ways. LOL
As a sensual romance writer…who would I choose? Well…there is this model named Beiron and I think he is the most gorgeous man on the planet. He was my inspiration for Gallegar, my vampire in The Peacekeepers. He’s a photographer now, and I would love to spend the day playing photographer and model. THAT would be oh so much fun! Hmmm… That could be a great book, too!

As a wife…If my husband Jonathon, could just be in my skin for a moment, and see what it is that makes me really tick…I would choose him. That way any baggage from the past would be out of the way and we could love each other without inhibitions. Knowing each other inside and out, we could share a wonderful day together. We would do a lot of the same stuff we do now, just better!

14: Dahlia: Are their any mottos in life you would like to share with your readers?

CJ: I have a few things that I believe deeply. My readers laugh at me because I have post it notes all over my mirror with inspirational sayings. Here are a few…

True Empathy Supports Positive Possibilities
Freedom is the Greatest Gift we are born with, and the hardest thing to hold on to.
Dance like no one is watching. Love like you’ve never been hurt.
Blessed are the cracked, for they can let in the light
Soulmates…two halves of the same soul, joining together in life’s journey
Carpe Diem…Seize the Day!!!!

And finally…of course…the one that is most important to me…

Follow your dreams... for they will lead you into a world of imagination.

15: Dahlia: You have been receiving great reviews for your books. Plus you have been nominated for the PEARL awards. Tell us how does that make you feel especially when you saw your first review?

CJ: Every review I get is so important to me. Whether it is a reader sending me a fan letter, or a reviewer posting it on a review site, it is a way for me to look at myself through someone else’s eyes. I have been extremely blessed in that I’ve never gotten a bad review. My work seems to touch a wide range of people and I love to hear their reactions to it. I have learned how to be a better writer because I listen to what others say about my work. Then I ‘eat the meat and spit out the bones’, meaning, I take what will help me and then I discard the rest. Easier said than done, but reviews can be used as a wonderful writing tool, if you allow them to.
Each Recommended Read I receive, earns me one piece of Ghirardelli Chocolate, so I get VERY happy when I see those logos pop up! LOLOLOL

As for the PEARL nomination… I can’t tell you how excited I was to scroll down the page and see my picture! I couldn’t believe it! All those great respected authors and ME! Talk about a wonderful affirmation of my work. Win or lose, just being a finalist is a dream come true. PNR has a wonderful reputation in our community and knowing that it’s members considered me worthy of the nomination…I still can’t believe it.
I want to take this time to thank those readers who nominated me. It was a wonderful way to start out 2007 and I promise that I will work harder than ever to justify your faith in me.
When the voting is over…no matter who has won, I know that just by being on the list, I have accomplished something. While I don’t believe PRINT will ever go away, I do believe that e-publishing is the wave of the future. Being one of the few e-published authors on the list, I have shown that readers are taking our craft seriously and quality books CAN come from an E-book Publisher.
Knowing I can help encourage others in this way is the best part about the nomination. And if the members vote and support me further, that will just be the cherry on top of a delicious cake! (chocolate of course.

Being a published author is a dream come true. Knowing that people not only enjoy, but wait for my next book to come out is an indescribable high. I touch something, deep inside their souls, and by doing so, I feed something in my own. Not only by entertaining them, but by showing them all the amazing possibilities in our lives. And it’s easy to do…All you have to do is be brave and…

Follow Your Dreams…

That was the Queen of sensuality herself, CJ England. Her books grab your imagination from the very beginning and she keeps us coming back with each new book. Don’t forget to join her celebration bash on February 11th!!
See ya all next week!
Dahlia Rose

PS…CJ reminds Dahlia… I like boxer briefs best of all! All that snugness!