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Cover Art


Outstanding graphic design is important because it's the first thing that will attract a reader, reviewer, or bookseller to your product.  Studies prove that a book cover has only three seconds to 'hook' a potential customer.

Make sure that you have that 'hook' by hiring a professional graphic artist who will go the extra mile to make sure your book cover is everything you dreamed it would be. 

At CJ England Graphic Art, you will find an CAPA nominated artist totally committed to making your dreams of the perfect art come true.  Whether it be a banner, a book cover or a web site, you must be 100% satisfied with the work, or it will cost you nothing.

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An Unusual Inheritance Brings With it a Family Curse, But Also a Chance at Everlasting Love.

Luck Be A Lady

Available Now


When Lara Kincade inherits a gambling boat from her long lost Uncle, she thinks her luck has changed. And since Halloween is just around the corner, she knows just how to celebrate her  good fortune.   A costume gambling cruise.

Justin Savage has another idea. He and his friends have been stuck on the Lucky Lady for over a century, destined to sail the ocean until someone can break the curse they are under. The last thing he needs is some girl planning parties on his ship.

It's a Halloween to remember when passion flares between this stubborn couple. And only by putting their cards on the table, will either of them have a chance of winning at love!